Handtevy Book Set

The HandtevyTM Book Set is a component of the Handtevy System. Once the e-Handtevy customization process is completed, your age-based color-coded medication guides are printed for quick reference on any pediatric call. The Handtevy Books are tear-proof and water-proof making them extremely durable. The Handtevy Set also provides a tear-proof, water-proof length based tape and Handtevy Badge Buddies.



Handtevy Book Set
HPB300 - Handtevy Book Set $340.00
*** Additional fees apply. Pricing varies according to agency size. To inquire please contact a representative at 866.867.3192

The Handtevy Book Set features:
Two (2) Handtevy™ Medication Guides [Premie to 13 years]
Two (2) Handtevy™ Length-Based Tapes
Twenty (20) Badge Buddies – Quick Reference Drug Dosing Cards
e-Handtevy Medication Management Software*** 
Educational Online Video - The Handtevy Method***
Online Training Tools***