The Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System delivers customized pediatric resuscitation and utilizes a highly interactive training program that results in reduction of medical errors, enhanced quality of pediatric care, and improved sense of teamwork. The Handtevy will empower your entire team to provide rapid, high quality care to all pediatric patients with confidence.

The Handtevy Hospital System Begins with Customization Using our Award Winning e-Handtevy Medication Management Software
e-Handtevy is a cloud-based medication management software program that allows for 100% customization of the Handtevy Medication Guides to your hospital formulary. Feel comfortable knowing our team of pediatric physicians and pharmacists will help assist your team through the customization process and will answer any questions you may have regarding pediatric drug dosages and equipment.  Enjoy continued desktop access using the e-Handtevy portal for easy medication guide updating. 

Enhance Your Team’s Ability to Resuscitate a Child by Utilizing the Included Handtevy Education and Training Modules.
The strength of the Handtevy Hospital System is its team based approach to the critically ill child. Using the customized medication guides and tailored equipment lists, our team of experts will demonstrate how to implement the Handtevy System. Watch your staff’s confidence soar through improved communication, teamwork, and outcomes. Education and training can be done onsite or virtually.