Handtevy Mobile

The Handtevy Pediatric Resuscitation System is now mobile. This client-only platform is the first of its kind to utilize customized medication dosing on a mobile platform that can then integrate seamlessly into the patient’s medical record. Pre-hospital providers as well as hospital teams can now provide rapid and accurate dosing, while documenting their care in real time.

Clients of Pediatric Emergency Standards, Inc. first utilize the Handtevy Medication Management Software to customize medication and equipment guide's 100% to their department’s protocols or formulary. This platform pre-calculates all drug dosages and eliminates all independent mathematical calculations. This one time process enables the client to have access to accurate drug dosages and equipment sizes based on age or length as a standard for every pediatric patient. All custom information is then sent to the e-Handtevy Documentation Module.

The custom medication guide produced by a user is then mobilized using the Handtevy Mobile App. The platform allows the healthcare provider to rapidly determine medication doses and equipment sizes using either age, length or weight for premature newborns infants, children, adolescents as well as adults.

All information on the screen is “live”, and with a single tap, is automatically recorded and time stamped. The e-Handtevy Documentation Module was built for speed and was developed with the frantic pace of resuscitation in mind. Changes to the loaded information can be made almost instantaneously and distributed to all licensed users. All information is contained within the application, therefore internet connection is not required for retrieval or documentation of critical medical information.

Once the health care provider has completed patient care and the record is finalized, a simple click of a button seamlessly integrates all the information directly into the designated patient record using individualized API connections. The Handtevy Mobile App provides confidence to organizations that medical interventions will be documented accurately, and at the time of intervention. It also provides front line medical providers with the comfort and willingness to stay on scene with appropriate patients whose critical illness dictates the need for immediate care. Pediatric critical illness is a matter of seconds to minutes and not hours to days. Hesitation and lack of confidence can have a major impact on outcomes.

Other Features
Multiple installations permitted - Providers who work at different facilities will have access to each customized database with a simple tap of a button.
Alerts - Administrators can send out important alerts to their providers.
Training - The Handtevy team will provide training videos sent directly to the mobile device. Providers can view the videos and receive continuing education credit.
Protected Health Information (PHI) is not contained on the Handtevy platform. Information is transferred to the medical record using a unique numerical identifier.