Prehospital Pediatric Arrests Receiving Epinephrine (PREPARE) in the United States

Background: Current PALS algorithms recommend that epinephrine be administered in cardiac arrest. Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival in pediatric patients is poor; 3% for infants and 9% for children/adolescents. Despite emphasis on improving pediatric out-of-hospital care, there has been no increase in survival rates over the past 20 years. This is compared to in-hospital pediatric cardiac arrest, which has improved from 9% in 1980 to 27% in 2006. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the current rate of out-of-hospital epinephrine administration in pediatric and adult cardiac arrest cases.| By Eric Ernest, Manu Madhok, Peter Antevy, Andrew Flood, Lara Rappaport, Childrens Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota

National Prehospital Guidelines for Pediatric Seizure and Traumatic Pain Management Do Not Concur with Information on the Broselow-Luten Length Based Tape

Background: The Ambulance Equipment List includes the pediatric length/weight-based tape. The Broselow-Luten Pediatric Emergency Tape (Broselow LBT) has assessment tools, equipment selection, and medication doses. Recent prehospital evidence-based guidelines (EBG) provide pediatric-specific recommendations for seizure and traumatic pain management. The purpose of this study was to examine the ability of the Broselow LBT to facilitate care per these two EBGs. We hypothesize that the Broselow LBT can correctly facilitate only a few EBG recommendations.| By Kathleen M. Adelgais, Karl Marzec, Toni Gross, Lara D. Rappaport, University of Colorado School of Medicine

Safety Events in the Out-Of-Hospital Care of Children:

Background: Studies in the hospital setting have identified medical errors as a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. Little is known, however, about the frequency and nature of patient safetyevents in the out-of-hospital setting, particularly among children. We sought to describe the occurrence and characteristics of out-of-hospital pediatric patient safety events | By Garth D. Meckler, Jeanne-Marie Guise, Matthew Hansen, Caitlin Dickenson, William Lambert, Keith O’Brien, University of British Columbia