Rethinking Pediatrics

by Cynthia Kincaid
If you met Peter Antevy, MD, at a party and asked him what he did for a living, chances are he would say, “I’m a pediatric emergency room doctor.” This answer is the equivalent of calling the Grand Canyon a “deep crater” or Niagara Falls a “waterfall.”
...“I felt inadequate because what we had been taught about resuscitation in my residency and fellowship didn’t work,” he said. Antevy, and others in the ED, struggled with how to administer the correct dosages of medication for children. The more resuscitations he performed, the more stressed he became. “Every resuscitation that came was worse for me,” he said.


MedicCast Podcast

By Jamie Davis
Dr. Peter Antevy sits with Jamie Davis of MedicCast and Chris Montera of EMS Garage to discuss the widespread use and effectiveness of the Handtevy System.