From Devastation to Determination: The Heavy Burden of Pediatric Care in the Field

By Peter Antevy, MD & Rachel Sobel - Eight years ago, in a gated South Florida community on a summer afternoon, Jonathan Robbins found himself racing to his first serious pediatric call. He and his crew knew they were responding to an unresponsive 2-year-old drowning victim. This was Robbins’ first month on duty as a paramedic; he'd recently completed paramedic school and the required probationary period at the Coral Springs Fire Department. His adrenaline was surging as he mentally prepared for what was to come.


Handtevy Minute - Adenosine TIps and Tricks

It is well known that adenosine is rarely given in the field, especially to pediatric patients. The reason why has to do with not only the dosing (calculations) but also the logistics of administration. In this short video, Dr. Peter Antevy shows an easy way to rapidly administer Adenosine using a 3-way stopcock.


Handtevy Minute 1-100 IV

Watch how to make Epinephrine 1:100,000 (0.01 mg/mL) for severe anaphylaxis. Your patient will have received 3 doses of Epi 1:1,000 IM yet clinically is still deteriorating. Your next move is to start an Epi infusion yet this may take time. Here's the "poor man's epi drip" which can be done in just a few seconds.