Bridging the Gap Between the New AHA Guidelines and Progressive Thinkers

It’s an exciting time in medicine, specifically pre-hospital care and resuscitative care. As we patiently await the release of the AHA 2015 guidelines, many EMS thought leaders will have already implemented practices and protocols that will differ from AHA recommendations. While the majority of EMS agencies will follow the AHA's new and updated recommendations for resuscitative care, a growing segment of EMS medical directors are taking their agencies to medicine's innovative edge. This cutting edge group has embarked on a bullet train, exploring destinations with more promise, purpose and excitement.


1 Year Old Chokes on Grape Found in Cardiac Arrest - Saved by Coral Springs Paramedics

Paramedics attribute save to high quality training and the newly adopted Handtevy™ Pediatric Resuscitation System. When seconds matter, Coral Springs paramedics stay on scene to revive pediatric patients in cardiac arrest.
It’s every parents worst nightmare; the thought of their child choking on a piece of food that lodges in the upper airway. The sudden inability to breathe followed by cyanosis (bluish discoloration) is enough stress to freeze any parent in their tracks. That’s exactly what happened to 1-year-old Arianna of Coral Springs (FL) shortly after 1 pm in the quiet suburbs of Broward County.


Timely Treatment

We hear about it too often in South Florida. A young child is found floating in a backyard pool. Now fire rescue crews have something new to save lives. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue implemented the Handtevy Pediatric Box early in 2014. Just a few weeks after implementation R38 responded to a call of a 2 year old drowning. Using the Handtevy, the crew was able to regain a pulse prior to arrival at Jackson Memorial Hospital..