Big Thoughts for Little Children….From 30,000 feet

By Peter Antevy, MD - I’ll admit that I am one of those people whose mind is always working. My wheels are constantly spinning. The content in those wheels fluctuates between my family, work, new ideas, etc. So last week as I was en route to the NAEMSP national conference in San Diego and the plane reached the 30,000 foot cruising altitude, there I was…left with my thoughts, Wifi…and two active infants in the row in front of me (thank you Southwest Airlines!) The irony was that as we elevated beyond 10,000 feet and I reconnected to the world (thank you to whoever invented in-flight Wifi), the first email in my inbox was the link to an article about the lacking resources in medical kits for pediatric-specific emergencies on airplanes.


North Memorial Celebrates Technology First

Brooklyn Center, MN--(Jan 5, 2016 Source: Emily Raguse) -North Memorial Health Care is the first in the state to use a certain kind of technology to treat pediatric patients. The technology is used in North Memorial helicopters and ambulances.