Ketamine Clarity

Ketamine is being used successfully to treat pain in children and adults yet there are some important things to know before using this drug clinically. Dr. Antevy discusses the best options for Ketamine administration when being used for pain in the ED or the field.


Top 5 Pediatric Medical Care Questions

Catherine R. Counts - DALLAS — Peter Antevy, MD, a pediatric emergency medicine physician best known for his development of the Handtevy Method for pediatric medication administration, gave a number of interesting talks at the 2017 Gathering of Eagles...he presented on the top five challenges in prehospital pediatric medical care. His session, streamed on Periscope, was chock full of information including the following memorable quotes and key takeaways. 


Drowning - Throw the floaties away…stat!

By Rachel Sobel - We are in the thick of summer, which means families everywhere are no doubt soaking up the sun and relishing time in the water. Kids are in the pool, sometimes up until dinner, coming out with prune-like features and giant smiles.
They’re so happy and relaxed while they kickback and revel in no schoolwork for a few short months. You almost forget how dangerous the water can be.
Drowning is actually the number one cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4 and second most common cause of injury-related death in children ages 1-14...