2. Does the Handtevy™ System comply with PALS guidelines?

A.Yes. PALS states that a length based system is required and the Handtevy™ System contains a length based measuring device that leads the provider to an age or color. The provider then opens the equipment pouch and medication book to the corresponding age/color combination

3. How is the Handtevy™ Method different from the Handtevy™ Pediatric Box?

A. The Handtevy™ Method is a unique method that allows healthcare providers to determine the 8 most commonly used resuscitation medications without the need for aids, tapes or calculators. It empowers the pre-hospital provider by giving instant access to medication dosages for any age child. The Handtevy™ System is a customized, fully complimentary kit that provides exact medication volumes for the department based on age and/or length of the child. There is no longer need for math calculations and risk of 10-fold medication errors.

4. What should be done for a child who is overweight?

A. Ideal body weight is recommended for pediatric medication dosing because most medications used in resuscitation are distributed through the total body water (TBW) rather than the fat. A 30 kg two year old whose ideal body weight is 15 kg would best be treated by basing medications on a 15 kg weight (Ideal body weight). PALS recommends using ideal body weight for resuscitation as well. Drugs that are distributed through the body fat should be based on actual body weight (ABW). Examples of drugs distributed through fat are amiodarone and succinylcholine.