The Handtevy is a revolutionary pediatric resuscitation system that combines customization, consultation, education and organization to empower healthcare providers to rapidly and accurately respond to any pediatric call with ease. The Handtevy is the first-of-its-kind customized and age-based system that results in fewer medical errors, increased patient safety and renewed provider confidence. Our award winning system will prepare your providers for one of the most anxiety provoking events in healthcare, the pediatric code.

Eliminate calculations with e-Handtevy Software
The e-Handtevy cloud-based software program enables you to customize medication guides aligned exactly to your protocols or formulary, listing the precise volume required. This one time process, accomplished using our streamlined interface, leads you through equipment, airway and electrical sections, and is tailored to your department's specifications. Our staff physicians and pharmacists are available for support during the customization process.

Begin Treatment by using Age
The Handtevy is a first-of-its-kind hybrid pediatric resuscitation system that uses both age and length as options to initiate care. Age based resuscitation has the distinct advantage of allowing early determination of critical information prior to arrival on scene. Rather than using confusing formulas to first determine a child's weight, the Handtevy System allows health care providers to quickly determine volumes already pre-calculated and specific to their department's protocol. The ultimate goal is to begin treatment considerations prior to contact with the child…every second counts!

Pediatric Experts on Your Team
We understand that our customers do not have the time and resources to devote to the detailed intricacies of pediatric emergencies – we are the experts on their team! Our pediatric medical staff serves as consultants to assist with medication guide customization and training both onsite and online.

When seconds count during a pediatric emergency, no second guessing.